Junk Recycling

The junk removal business presents many opportunities to recycle. Whether it be cardboard, an old refrigerator, plastic bottles or just donating items, THE JUNK DR always does his best to reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible. In fact, in today’s society, recycling is more important than ever. By recycling, we help conserve raw materials, save energy, protect the environment and reduce space taken up in landfills. As population numbers continue to grow and natural resources decline, by recycling, we all have a chance to help keep our planet sustainable for many millennia to come. Below is a partial list of recyclable items. For more ideas and information, check out Earth911. Thanks for checking out my page.

Junk Recycling

Cardboard                                 Car Batteries                                

Aluminum Cans                        Phone Books                                    

Steel & Tin Cans                       Glass Bottles

Plastic Bottles                           Catalogs

Milk Jugs                                    Glass Jars

Plastic Containers                    Electronics*                                

Newspapers                              Tires*                                                                            

Magazines                                 Motor Oil

Junk Mail                                   Appliances

Paper                                          Paperboard                                                                


*Mecklenburg County charges businesses additional fees to recycle TV’s, computer monitors and tires.