About The Junk Dr

I'm The Junk Dr and I'm Here To Cure What Ails You. Give me a call now for information on junk and debris removal in the greater Charlotte area.

Junk Hauling & Garage Clean Out Marvin NC

This past Friday was a very historic day for THE JUNK DR. We performed our 5000th surgery!!! That’s right, junk removal procedure #5000. 😎 And wouldn’t you know it would be a garage clean out. Nothing crazy, nothing too overwhelming, Continue reading Junk Hauling & Garage Clean Out Marvin NC

Cardboard & Trash Hauling Charlotte

Have you recently moved into a new home in the Charlotte area? Does your garage now look like this? Are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed? Well it’s definitely a little too much trash and cardboard to put out Continue reading Cardboard & Trash Hauling Charlotte

Fencing Hauling Charlotte

Yikes!!! Now that’s a big ‘ole pile of fencing debris! And I’m sure you don’t like it sitting there in your front yard. You could rent a truck and make multiple trips to the landfill, but that would be a Continue reading Fencing Hauling Charlotte

Matthews Garage Clean up and Junk Removal

Another day, another garage full of junk. Sometimes we just accumulate too many things and sometimes tenants gift us with their unwanted junk and trash when they move. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. There’s no need to Continue reading Matthews Garage Clean up and Junk Removal