Cardboard Hauling & Recycling Charlotte

Charlotte Cardboard Hauling

It was a cold, rainy morning when I received the call. A major unpacking job had taken place and now my patients were left with a giant pile of cardboard. With no way of hauling the cardboard themselves, and wanting to make sure that it would be properly recycled, they reached out to THE JUNK DR for assistance. Realizing that this cardboard needed to get to a local recycling center as quickly as possible, I grabbed my intern and we were off.

Charlotte Cardboard Hauling

This wasn’t our first cardboard hauling procedure and it definitely won’t be the last. In fact, THE JUNK DR has performed a multitude of cardboard hauling & recycling operations through out the greater Charlotte area and looks forward to assisting you with your removal needs as well.

Has your recent move to the area left your garage full of cardboard and packing material? Did you finally find time to go through all those boxes in the attic or storage unit? Perhaps the new furniture came in and now you have an overwhelming pile of wet cardboard on the sidewalk. 🙂 Whatever your dilemma might be, THE JUNK DR is happy to help with your cardboard hauling needs in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Please feel free to contact me directly @ 704-574-1485 for more information. Thanks and have a wonderful day!!