Shed Clean Out Fort Mill

Shed Clean Out Fort Mill

If you guessed, “former roommate left my shed full of junk when they moved out and never came back to get it”, well, you would be correct. ūüôā As you can see, sometimes what’s behind door number two is not always a pretty sight! Feeling a little overwhelmed, this homeowner decided that this was one headache that she could no longer deal with and needed to get this shed cleaned out. So what did she do? She did what so many others have done and reached out to THE JUNK DR to assist with her junk removal emergency.¬†

Shed Clean Out

Do you have an old shed that is overrun with forgotten junk and old furniture? Perhaps you’ve had an unfortunate experience like my patient above, where a roommate moved out and left a mattress and other trash behind. Well there is absolutely no need to fret. THE JUNK DR specializes in the hauling and removal of unwanted junk and old furniture. Serving Fort Mill, Indian Land and the greater Charlotte area, THE JUNK DR is more than happy to assist with the clean out of your shed.¬†

So what are you waiting for? That shed isn’t going to clean itself out and that junk surely isn’t going to magically disappear. Set up your Dr’s¬†appointment now @ 704-574-1485. Thanks and have a fantastic day!!¬†


Charlotte Junk Removal and Hauling

THE JUNK DR has been proudly serving patients throughout¬†Charlotte and the surrounding area since July of 2010. Over these 6 plus years in business, we have performed over 2000 junk removal and hauling operations. Although no two procedures are exactly alike, they all seem to have the same underlying theme. “I’m tired of looking at all of this junk. It’s starting to give me a headache. I don’t have time to deal with it, but it’s got to go! What am I going to do?” Sound familiar?

Well, the answer is quite simple. THE JUNK DR specializes in junk and debris hauling. From cleaning out sheds, garages, carports and storage units, to hauling away yard waste, furniture, remodeling debris, general trash and much, much, more, we are¬†Here To Cure What Ails You! Although there are some items we can’t haul, we will always do our best to alleviate your junk removal headache.¬†

So don’t let all that junk get you in a funk.¬†THE JUNK DR is always accepting new patients and is more than happy to write a prescription for what ails you. For more details, give me a call @ 704-574-1485 or visit my contact page to send an email. Thanks for stopping in and checking out my video. Hope to see you soon! Have a great day!!

Garage Clean Out-Trash Hauling Monroe, NC

Why is it that the garage always ends up on the short end of the stick?!?! It was late one evening when THE JUNK DR got the call. A house in Monroe had been vacated. All of the trash, old furniture and other junk had been moved into the garage and was ready for removal. Timing was of the essence, and this trash needed to be hauled away so the house could be cleaned up and put back on the market. As usual, THE JUNK DR was up for the challenge. 

It was late the next morning when I arrived on the scene. The garage wasn’t as bad as I expected, but it was still in need of some minor surgery. Rodents had taken up residence in the couch and left their mark throughout the trash. It was obvious that no one had lived here for awhile. It wasn’t pretty, but no one ever said that trash hauling was a “bed of roses”. There was only one thing to do……put on my gloves and get to work.

Have you had the unfortunate experience of tenants leaving behind furniture and other junk? Are you overrun with so much trash, debris and clutter that it’s got you seeing double? Perhaps you are just tired of parking in the driveway and really want to get that garage cleaned out. Well you’re in luck!!! THE JUNK DR is more than happy to help with your junk and trash hauling needs in Monroe and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact me directly @ 704-574-1485 or visit my contact page to send an email. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and Have a Wonderful Day!!


Trash Removal & Hauling Charlotte

Trash Removal, Charlotte Trash Hauling
Before Trash Removal

Has your weekend get together left you with a little bit more trash than your roll-out can handle?¬†Perhaps you’ve been relocated for work and just don’t have the time or a proper vehicle to haul off your excess trash and junk. I know what you’re thinking!! If there was only a way to make this headache disappear in a quick and efficient manner. Well you’re in luck!!! THE JUNK DR is Here To Cure What Ails You and has got you covered when it comes to trash removal and hauling in the greater Charlotte area. Give me a call for details @ 704-574-1485.

Trash Removal, Charlotte Trash Hauling
Loaded Up and Ready to Ride.

It’s always fun to spend time with friends and family for a big game or birthday celebration, but it’s never fun to have an overflow of trash. Especially when that trash is sitting in your driveway, attracting the attention of your neighbors, critters and worst of all the HOA. Well no need to worry, THE JUNK DR has performed many trash removal procedures through out Charlotte, and is more than happy to assist you with your overflow, trash hauling needs.¬†

So whether you’re moving, just had a big party at your house or maybe you’ve just decided to downsize. What ever the occasion may be, it’s no fun to deal with the headache of junk and trash removal, especially when THE JUNK DR is just a phone call away. Give me a call now @ 704-574-1485. Thanks and have a wonderful day.