Matthews Garage Clean up and Junk Removal

Before Picture of Garage
Garage Picture Before

Another day, another garage full of junk. Sometimes we just accumulate too many things and sometimes tenants gift us with their unwanted junk and trash when they move. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us.

There’s no need to worry though. Especially when there’s an easy and convenient solution at your disposal. That’s right, THE JUNK DR is just a phone call away and more than happy to help with your garage clean up project. 

THE JUNK DR may not have a PHD, but he does have a major in junk removal and hauling. And garage clean up’s are just one of many of THE DR’s specialties.

After Picture of Garage
Garage Picture After Clean Up

We’ve alleviated quite a few junk removal headaches throughout Matthews, Charlotte, Waxhaw, Indian Trail and beyond over the years. And we look forward to writing a prescription for your junk removal headache as well. Give THE JUNK DR a call, or text, today @ 704-574-1485 for more details. As always, thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic day!!