Matthews Debris & Drywall Hauling

Debris Removal, Drywall Hauling
Drywall and Debris Removal Before
Debris Removal, Drywall Hauling
Drywall and Debris Removal After

I know what you’re thinking….. “That’s a big pile of drywall and debris. what in the world could have happened?” Well unfortunately, due to doctor/patient confidentiality, I can’t get into all the details ūüėé . However, what I can tell you is this, it involved a busted water pipe and it wasn’t pretty.

Lucky for these folks, THE JUNK DR has a PhD in debris removal and my friends over at Service Master in Matthews are experts when it comes to home restoration. One less headache and one more successful operation.

THE JUNK DR has performed quite a few drywall and debris hauling procedures over the years throughout the¬†Matthews area. Whether it’s from an unfortunate incident like the one above, or from one of the many home remodeling projects going on these days, THE JUNK DR is more than happy to write a prescription for what ails you. So there’s no need to let that pile of drywall and debris get you in a funk. Give me a call for details @ 704-574-1485 for your hauling needs in Matthews and the surrounding area. Thanks and have a great day!¬†

Office Equipment and Furniture Removal Charlotte

Office Furniture Removal, Office Space Clean Out
Office Furniture Removal

Has your small business decided to¬†purchase new office furniture and upgrade it’s computer equipment? Are you thinking about relocating your business or downsizing to a smaller office space? Perhaps you are planning on merging with another office and need to part with some of the older furniture or equipment before the move. Well THE JUNK DR is more than happy to assist with your office furniture and equipment removal needs in Charlotte. Contact me directly @ 704-574-1485,¬†for more information.¬†

THE JUNK DR has performed several office equipment and furniture removal procedures throughout the Charlotte area. In this particular case, my patient was merging 2 offices together and needed assistance with the removal of excess office chairs, tables, desks, electronics and some general trash. After a thorough examination, THE JUNK DR quickly realized that almost all of the furniture was in good enough shape to donate and made a trip to The Salvation Army. Couple this with the fact that all the electronics were recyclable it left for the disposal of very little trash. All and all a very successful operation. 

From the removal of outdated electronics that need to be recycled, to the hauling away of old office furniture that’s seen better days, THE JUNK DR is just a phone call away and Here To Cure What Ails You. Please feel free to give me a call @ 704-574-1485 for more details. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Yard Waste Removal Weddington

It was a historic day for THE JUNK DR earlier this week, as he served his 1000 patient in Weddington. As you can see, this patient had accumulated a little bit more yard waste and tree limbs than expected. With company coming in for the holiday weekend, he needed to find a remedy to this problem and needed to do so quickly. With no time to lose, he reached out to THE JUNK DR for assistance. 

This is just one of the many yard waste removal procedures that THE JUNK DR has performed over the years across the Charlotte area.

Yard Waste Removal, Tree Limb Removal Weddington
Tree Limb Removal Weddington

In fact, today marks the 4 year anniversary of my first junk removal house call in Indian Trail. Yep, THE JUNK DR has been attending to junk emergencies for 4 years now and has met a lot of wonderful people along the way. Thanks to each and everyone of you who has been kind enough to allow me to come to your home, or place of business, to help alleviate your junk removal headaches. 

Speaking of headaches, THE JUNK DR offers a variety of junk removal services in Charlotte, Weddington, Indian Trail and beyond. Whether it’s yard waste, a garage full of junk, remodeling debris, furniture removal, light demolition etc…..Whatever it is that’s got you feeling blue. I’m Here To Cure What Ails You. Please feel free to give me a call directly @ 704-574-1485¬†for more details, or if you prefer, visit my contact page. THE JUNK DR is always accepting new patients and looks forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks and have a fantastic day!!!

Electronics Removal & Recycling


Electronics Recycling, Electronics Removal
Electronics Removal & Recycling
Electronics Recycling, Electronics Removal
Charlotte Electronics Removal & Recycling

Has that collection¬†of old electronics in the spare bedroom finally worn out its welcome? You’ve got all the latest gadgets, so why in the world do you need a room full of used electronics taking up valuable space? Let me guess. You don’t have a way to dispose of them properly. Well no worries,¬†THE JUNK DR is more than happy to help with your electronics removal needs. Give me a call for details @ 704-574-1485.¬†

In today’s fast pace society we outgrow electronics quicker than kids outgrow shoes. What was the “must have” 2 years ago has now been replaced by something smaller, lighter, smarter and not to mention faster. Remember when you actually had to wait for the VCR tape to rewind if you wanted to watch the movie again? That’s just plain crazy.¬†

With technology moving at the speed of light these days, it’s easy to build up a collection of unwanted electronics. All of these older electronics need to go somewhere and that somewhere is definitely not the landfill. Electronics are recyclable and there for should be. Some electronics, such as old computer monitors and TV’s, are full of hazardous materials that need to be recycled properly so as not to pollute our environment. At the same time, used electronics also contain many precious metals, of which, can be recycled over and over again. By using recycled material, as opposed to raw materials, the emission of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere is greatly reduced. This helps create a healthier living experience. Which is vital to us all.

At the rate at which new electronics are being produced, it is now more important than ever that older electronics are recycled. What’s that you say??? You don’t know where to take them and really don’t have the time. Well no need to fret, THE JUNK DR is Here To Cure What Ails You. Give me a call directly for details @ 704-574-1485 and I will be more than happy to discuss your electronics removal needs. Thanks and have a wonderful day!