Shed Clean Out / Junk Removal Monroe

Upon evicting the tenants from their rental property, these home owners quickly realized that there were a few more occupants than they knew about. As you can see, this shed had been turned into a covered outdoor living area: carpet, mattresses, a TV, furniture, scattered junk, the “works”.  Unfortunately this didn’t make the landlords too happy. Needing to get this headache taken care of, so they could get this property back on the market, they decided to reach out to THE JUNK DR to assist them with their junk removal needs. Servicing Monroe and all of union county, THE JUNK DR was up for the challenge.

As with every junk removal operation, THE JUNK DR examines the situation carefully to determine what can be donated and recycled. Unfortunately, being exposed to the element, mice, roaches, ants, etc….these mattresses as well as the furniture had seen better days and were disposed of properly. But the TV, propane tanks all the plastic, glass bottles and aluminum cans were recycled, along with some tires that aren’t pictured here. The landlords were thrilled to have their shed cleaned out and all the trash and junk removed. All in all another successful junk removal procedure performed in Monroe.

Do you have a rental property that you need help with the removal of furniture, junk and trash that has been left behind by tenants? Perhaps you just have an old shed that has so much junk, it has turned into a breeding ground for insects and critters. Maybe you’ve purchased a new bed set and need help with mattress removal. Well no need to fret!! THE JUNK DR is Here To Cure What Ails You and more than happy to assist with all your junk removal needs in Monroe, Charlotte and more. Give me a call directly @ 704-574-1485 for more details. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!!