South Charlotte Debris Removal & Hauling

Charlotte debris removal, Appliance Recycling, Hauling
Debris Removal : Before
Charlotte debris removal, Appliance Recycling, Hauling
Debris Removal: After

Here are a few before and after pictures of debris removal from a recent kitchen and bathroom remodeling project in south Charlotte. It sure is gonna feel good to have new cabinetry and appliances, but what to do about the huge pile of debris that has formed so quickly? Sure the driveway is a temporary fix, but wouldn’t your car look better in that spot? Well no need to fret, because THE JUNK DR is just a phone call away and can help with almost all of your debris removal and hauling needs in the greater Charlotte area. THE DR can be reached directly @ 704-574-1485

Whether you’re a contractor, builder or home owner, THE JUNK DR has got you covered when it comes to debris removal. In fact, construction and remodeling debris hauling is one of THE JUNK DR’s many specialties. It seems like remodeling projects are going on all over Charlotte and the Surrounding area. That means there’s a lot of debris that needs to be hauled away. So when a dumpster is just a little too much for your demo or when you need to spend more time dealing with your project and not wasting time with clean up and debris removal, remember, THE JUNK DR is always on call and Here To Cure What Ails You. Contact me now for details @ 704-574-1485 or you can always e-mail if you prefer. Thanks and Have a Great Day!!