Charlotte Carpet Removal & Hauling

Carpet Removal & Hauling, Cardboard Removal

So you finally decided to upgrade to laminate flooring and do away with the carpet in the living room and hall ways. It’s going to go just perfect with the new cabinets and other updates to the kitchen. Now the question is what to do with the pile of remodeling debris in the carport? After all, it is called a carport, not a carpet-port….. 🙂 Well no need to fret, because THE JUNK DR is just a phone call away and more than happy to help with your carpet removal and hauling needs in the Charlotte area. Contact THE DR directly @ 704-574-1485

There’s lots of remodeling and renovation projects going on, in and around Charlotte these days. Plenty of folks are investing in their homes by upgrading their kitchens and bathrooms, and switching from carpet to hardwood flooring, making for a more comfortable living experience. But this also means there’s lots of debris piling up and it sure isn’t going to haul itself away. Well lucky for you THE JUNK DR has a major in debris removal and carpet hauling falls directly under this category. In fact, THE JUNK DR has performed quite a few carpet removal and hauling operations over the years and looks forward to assisting you with your next remodeling project. Whether you’re a home owner or a contractor, THE JUNK DR is Here To Cure What Ails You. Give me a call for details now @ 704-574-1485. Or feel free to visit my contact page and send an email. Thanks and have a spectacular day!!

Carpet Removal & Hauling, Cardboard Removal