Waxhaw Trash & Junk Removal

With moving day quickly approaching, this customer had to make a decision. Sort through all of the junk and trash in this old storage building or just let it go. Sure there may be a few memories in that old shed, but with the shelving caving in and thinking about what a headache it would be to try and remove all this junk by herself, she turned to THE JUNK DR to help alleviate her problem. Specializing in junk removal in Waxhaw, and all of Union County, THE JUNK DR put on his gloves and went to work.

These are the before and after pictures of the storage building clean out. Several of these items found a new home at Operation Reach Out in downtown Monroe. There was also a good bit of paper and cardboard that made it’s way to the recycling bin. All in all another successful operation for THE JUNK DR.

Do you have a “Junk Emergency“? Are you overwhelmed with more trash, junk and clutter than you know what to do with?  Do you need someone to help with your junk removal needs in Waxhaw? Well give me a call @ 704-574-1485. I will be more than happy to exam your junk and write a prescription for what ails you! Whether it’s the clean out of a storage building or shed, yard waste removal, trash hauling, removal of debris, junk removal, etc….THE JUNK DR is here to help and offers a variety of services in Waxhaw and the surrounding area. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose!!  Give me a call now @ 704-574-1485 and set up your Doctor’s appointment today!!